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 Standardized Rule Set for RC Drifting Competition

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PostSubject: Standardized Rule Set for RC Drifting Competition   Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:00 pm

The D1-10 Standard Rule Set

1.0 Behavior during event
Each contestant is supposed to behave a normal way during any event. Each contestant is expected to contribute to have a nice event.
During the day one is expected not to swear, not to steal, not to use any drugs or alcohol and not to destroy any belongings. Also, one is expected to watch their own belongings and safety. The organization of any event is not responsible for any damage to car nor person nor theft. Anyone is responsible for their own goods and safety!

1.1 Chassis/frame
A chassis or frame must be 1:10 scale touring car and must be powered electrical by 1 engine. There are no limits for weight or height. Wheel bolts must be standard; it is not allowed that they stick out more than 1,5mm outside of the rim. Axles may also not stick out. Furthermore, parts of the chassis of frame may not stick out, and sharp parts cannot be mounted on to the chassis or frame.
M-chassis, mini en micro-chassis are not allowed. Currently there are no restrictions on using CS or overdrive chassis conversion. Please notice that the jury assume you control this technique

1.2 Electronics and radio
Each contestant must use a normal frequency, 27 mhz, 40 mhz or 2.4 ghz. When register for a contest, the contestant must tell which frequency he owns, and tell if he owns a transmitter where he can set a frequency himself. A contestant who uses separate crystals must always own/carry a second frequency.
Forward and forward/reverse speed controls( with or without brake) are allowed. Receiver, transmitter, servo’s and speed controls must be solid and function normally.

1.3 Batteries
A battery must always be a (6 cell) Nickel Cadmium/Nickel Metal Hydride battery or(2 cell) Lipo/ Life. Use of the so called lipo bag is required!

1.4 Tires
Only drift tires is allowed on the event!
Wheels are only allowed 26 mm wide x 52 mm high.

1.5 Engine
The engines that are allowed 540 size:
- Brushless sensorless or sensored
- Brushed Motors
NOTE : Engines must be in original state.

1.6 Bodies (shell)
The body must be on a 1:10 base and depict a real car. The body must look realistic when entering the event of competition. While driving, the body must be properly attached to the chassis/frame. It is allowed to have a spoiler on the body, which may not stick out more than 5mm of the sides not more than15 mm behind. An exhaust is allowed, as long as it looks realistic and is mounted properly. Of course, a body must be sprayed/painted before it can enter the contest. It is allowed to have lights on the body.

1.7 Participation
Each contestant can only participate once during a contest. Each contestant can only use 1 chassis, which cannot be shared.
A chassis or frame is strictly personal; it is no possible to share a chassis between several contestants.

1.8 Miscellaneous
Cars must be clean during the whole contest of event.

1.9 Sanctions
Violating one of the rules from this regulation can lead to disqualification.
Sanctions can be imposed by the jury and/or competition management and/or organization of an event or competition. With penalty in points or disqualification

2. Regulation of the jury

2.0 Technical inspection
The technical inspector can always disapprove any car and reject the car for the contest, if the car deviate the regulations.
The exact deviation will be told to the contestant, so he can make adjustments and present the car again for inspection. A contestant can present his car again to the inspector until 10 minutes before qualifying and after approval the contestant can qualify. If the car doesn’t pass the technical inspection, the driver must leave the place of inspection and he will not compete at this event.

2.1 Technical defect during qualification and battles
The contestant will get 2 minutes to repair his car. Repairing the car is only allowed on the tables, specially for tinkering (so, not on the track!). The contestant then may drive again. If the car not repaired within given time, the result will be automatically in 0 points during qualification of a lost battle during finals.

2.2 Judging
Each stage will have 1 main-jury member. He will not drive the contest. This member of the jury will judge ‘overall’ and ‘style’ during qualification. The 2nd and 3rd member of the jury will judge ‘skill section’ and ‘clipping points’.
The extra 5 ‘style’ points will be add by the 3 judges by voting for it.

2.3 Qualifying
During qualification each contestant will drive 2 runs. First to practice, this will not be judged. Second run will be judged. The jury can give a maximum score for a clean run. The best score counts and will determine which pole the contestant will drive.

- Clipping points 0-30 points
- Skill section 0-30 points
- Overall 0-35 points
- Style 0- 5 points

Inside clipping points:
The contestant will start with 30 points at the start of each qualification. Missing a clipping point will reduce the points. Per clipping point a contestant can lose maximum 5 points. The number of clipping points depends on the location.

Skill section/outside clipping points:
The contestant will start with 30 points at the start of each qualification. Missing the skill section/outside clipping will lead to a reduction of points.

Overall / impact:
The contestants will start with 35 points at the start of each qualification. Points will be reduce if the contestants doesn’t :
- Drift on the ideal drift line ( as explained on the drivers briefing)
- Angle
- Speed
- Corrections

The contestant can earn extra points. They may be earned for things like driving an extreme angle, driving with high speed, an excellent driving skill etc.

2.4 Scoring twin battles
1. There are 2 cars: one who is leading (lead car) and one who chases (chase car).
2. Hitting each other (hard) is not allowed. If 2 cars collide, the one causes the crash will be called the loser of the battle, if the collusion was avoidable. A deliberate collusion can be punished with disqualification, reducing points of disqualification of any contest. A slight collusion will not be punished, if the other car is not bothered.
3. Overtaking is not allowed, except when leader mistakes and deviates far of the ideal line. Chaser may not bother leader when overtaking. Overtaking when It isn’t necessary will be penalized.
4. Leader must do whatever it takes to simulate the ideal qualification as good as possible.
5. Chaser must do the same. While doing that, he also has to drift as close to the leader as possible unless the leader spin-out/crash/ or is far away from the ideal line. Chaser must have at least the same ‘style’ criteria as the leader at all times.
6. If the score is exact the same after 2 runs, there will be a re-run. A re-run will always contain 2 new runs. After maximum 2 re-runs the jury will call one winner. Up from the top 16 drivers there will be as much re-runs as necessary to call a contestant winner.

2.5 Arbitration
Any jury-decision is final and binding. One can ask for explanation, but not without respect. Blaming the jury in public will lead to disqualification.

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Posts : 2600
Join date : 2009-06-03
Location : Dubai Uae

PostSubject: Re: Standardized Rule Set for RC Drifting Competition   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:57 pm

old post from our rcdriftclub thread clown

easy on the changes..
heres our 2nd permanent track.

josh you decide were you wanna put the clipping zones wink
standardized rule set apply!
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Posts : 2600
Join date : 2009-06-03
Location : Dubai Uae

PostSubject: Re: Standardized Rule Set for RC Drifting Competition   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:58 pm

Rules updated on the 1st post which will be used for the Automodex event.
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PostSubject: Re: Standardized Rule Set for RC Drifting Competition   

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Standardized Rule Set for RC Drifting Competition
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