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 Rules and Guidelines for Extreme Hobbies RC Drift Competitions

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PostRules and Guidelines for Extreme Hobbies RC Drift Competitions

Hi Everyone please take time to read the Rules and Guidelines on Extreme Hobbies RC Drift Competitions

We appreciate all comments, suggestion, opinions of every competitor, however if any issue that you wish to address in regards to the competitions before or after we would appreciate if you send us an email ( or call us directly @ 0501521861.

Placing your opinion in the forum in regards to the competition could result to unwanted replies and only ruin the integrity of the event and the people who have take their time to organized such event.

We don't pretend that we know a lot about judging an RC Drift competition that is why we tried and consult to those who have been participating in RC events and ask them to share the knowledge.

Acquiring Judges on every event is very difficult for us as we need to consider a lot, first and foremost is if the judges would be bias or not.

Judge's ruling are final and binding as well judge's decisions are independent and cannot be influence by any other judges we can only provide them all possible info on what to look for when judging. No more main judge and assisting judge from here on.

To avoid confusion with other RC Drifters please send your opinion to us regarding the Rules and regulation and we will try to amend it if suits the competition and share your idea with everyone.

There are more things to talk about in this forum such kits, parts, electronic spec, radios and others that might interest everyone.

On drifting technicalities let's all share it together during Drift meets.

For now leave the rules and regulation to the organizer and the group Admins to determine whether to implement or not, or unless someone want to make or organized an drift event we will be happy to assist and support them.

Admin kindly closed this thread please.

General Event Rules

A. Keep your attitude and behavior on check. RC is more about having fun with your fellow drivers. We all want to win, but don’t forget that having fun is the most enjoyable part of our hobby.
B. Any of the following will serve as grounds for removal or ban from current and future events:
• Disrespecting other event participants or spectators
• Attempts to destroy or hinder other people's equipment
• Anything else that is seen as negative by the Organizers.
C. Drivers caught cheating are subject to being disqualified from the event, and possibly banned from future events.
D. The organizers, host location, and event sponsors will not be held accountable or responsible for any personal or loss occurring at any events. By appearing at any event, the participants and spectators acknowledge that they are there on their free will, and that they take responsibility for the safety and security of themselves and other persons in their group including their property.
E. No refunds, transfers or exchanges for any entry fees.
F. The event staff reserves the right to refuse event participation and/or or access to an event for anyone at anytime for any reason at our discretion.
G. The organizers, host location, and event sponsors will not be held accountable or responsible for any property damage made by the participants and any person belonging in their group.
H. Rules and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Event Overview
Note: Sessions can be a few hours, day or night. Competitions generally take 6-8 hours depending on entries.

A. Extreme Hobbies RC Drift schedule:
• Track and facility setup
• Practice Session
• Driver’s meeting / Suggestions / Group Photo
• Start of event
• Qualifying - All Classes
• Tandem Battle – All Classes
B. The actual ending time may vary slightly depending on factors including but not limited to: number of total entries, and how many “sudden death” battles during twin battle competition.
C. There may be certain situations that require the event program to be modified the day of the event. As much as everyone would like to avoid any circumstance that steers from the planned schedule, if a situation arises where a modification must be made, the situation will be addressed and all drivers entered in the competition will be informed in a timely manner.
D. Special Challenges (*if applicable)
E. Closing Ceremonies / Winners Photos
F. Prize Raffle (*if applicable)
G. End of Event / Track and Facility Teardown

Extreme Hobbies RC Drift competitions Format

A. Drivers will be separated in groups, based on the counter steer ratio:

• Advance class : (CS:100% and above)
• Intermediate class: (CS:50% to 99%)
• Novice class: (50:50 or stock)

B. Each group will have a qualifying session to earn qualifying points.
C. Each driver will run a total of (2) laps during qualifying round, (1) lap of warm-up, followed by two (1) lap where they will be judged and scored. All laps will be
A. continuous, with a specified start and finish point marked on the course.
D. “Staging area” will be marked on the track where cars in the current qualifying
B. group should be placed. Transmitter and car should be turned ON at this point. The driver may then go to the driving area to prepare for qualifying.
E. Once the cars is placed in the “staging area” no alterations can be made at this time such as (battery change, tyre change ETC.)
F. A driver will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) for qualifying, if one of the following occurs:

• DNF if your name is called and it's your turn to qualify and you or your car is not on and ready in the staging area.
• DNF if you cannot finish your qualifying run due to mechanical failure, crash with damage, or a dead battery once qualifying begins.
• DNF if your vehicle is found not to be legal as per the rule set.
• DNF if you fail to complete your qualifying run due to a discharged battery. Discharged batteries are not “unpredictable failure” since it is the drivers responsibility to make sure that their battery is fully charged and ready to go.

Extreme Hobbies RC Drift competitions Judging Format

The judge panel consists of:
3 independent judges

The roles

Main Judge: Ensuring the decision making process of undertaking round is within guidelines set. Summing up the result made by the panel.
Assisting Judges: To provide 2nd and 3rd view for panel decision either to contest or affirm the results.

Judging Guidelines

Entry speed
Although speed in drift would probably very limited, participants are expected to push their drift speed as high as possible.
Drift Line
There will be briefing by the judges to show what is to be expected from the participants in regards to preferred drift line.
Clipping Point
Also known as scoring area, the closer to the boundary, the higher the score. Other elements will be judged as well. Clipping point could be front side/corner or rear side/wall.
Drift angle and counter steer
How much angle is being created and maintained during the drift.
How much technique and amount of energy without putting opponent in dangerous situation.
Overtaking and stunt driving will not be considered as technique.

Qualification Scoring

For competition each driver will be awarded with "0" points as a initial score.
Each and every imperfection will be penalized with "1" point .
Drifter with lesser penalty will have an advantage to qualify. A perfect run is "0" points

Driver Errors (Qualifying)

A. A driver error is defined as any loss of vehicle control, vehicle stall, vehicle spinout, or vehicle contact with a course marker or border that results in a crash.
B. Loss of Vehicle Control -Any situation in which the judges feel that the driver loses control of the vehicle while executing a drift. This may/may not include a driver going off of the intended qualifying driving line.
C. Vehicle Stall – A situation where the vehicle loses its drifting motion due to heavy braking or a high loss of speed, in an area of the course where a drift is expected to be performed.
D. Vehicle Spinout – A situation where the vehicle over-rotates beyond the intended drift angle. For clarification, the general guideline for a “spin” is when the vehicle exceeds a 90-degree angle during a drift, in relation to the direction of the drift.

Tandem Battle

Basically Battle Round will consists of Chase car (offensive) and Lead car (defensive) role. The cars will be placed in staggered position, separate by about one car length distance.

The Chase Car

The chase car is the offensive car. A good way to put it would be that the chase car has to 'hunt' down the lead car. Drivers have to use their drifting ability to try and get as close to the lead driver as possible as to put immense pressure on them so that a mistake is made. The chase driver must demonstrate better drifting in order to keep pressure on the lead driver whilst still keeping good angle and speed. The driving line is not as important for the chase car as it is trying to follow the lead car and keep with it as much as possible, unless the lead car displays a bad driving then and then chase car can continue to hit the clipping points and show a good drifting line. If the chase car cannot keep up with the lead car whilst drifting this is to be looked at as inferior driving and points will be deducted for letting the lead car get away. If this is due to not having as much power as the lead car, there are certain measures you can take to increase your speed such as decreasing your drifting angle although this may play against your point scoring. Under no circumstances can the chase car come in contact with the lead car in a way that disturbs the lead car's driving. Overtaking is allowed only if the lead car makes a mistake and opens up the race line, but not necessarily supported by the judges and under no circumstances must the cars start 'racing' as this is going against the idea of drifting.

The Lead Car

The Lead car is the defensive car, the idea is to perform their drifts faster passing thru every clipping points with a good line and a bigger angle to try and shake off and distract the car behind them. If the lead driver does manage to pull away from the car behind and still manage to display good drifting technique then they will be awarded more points. Attempts to distract the chase car whilst still maintaining a good line will also be looked at by the judges and could affect the final score in a positive or negative way.
It's important to understand that the concepts discussed in this article are general guidelines for scoring the drift events and are meant to educate the competitors and general. They do not provide a guarantee of results and should not be used to compare to results from drift competitions.

The “Two-Minute Rule” (On-Track Emergency Situations)
A. Mechanical Failure During Tandem Battle – If a vehicle encounters a mechanical failure during the first battle lap, the driver will forfeit the remainder of that lap and may return to their pit to repair the failure. If the vehicle encounters a mechanical failure during the second battle lap, the driver will forfeit the remainder of that lap and has completed their battle.
B. There may be situations where a vehicle requires a quick-fix or repair done during the course of competition. In regards to these incidents, we have installed the “Two-Minute Rule” as outlined below:
C. In the event that a vehicle requires attention while in Tandem Battle, the driver will be given two minutes to do any reasonable repairs needed to continue the battle. This includes replacing damaged tyres, popping on tie rods, fixing a loose battery strap, etc.
D. If the vehicle cannot be repaired in time, or has been damaged beyond repair, the driver will forfeit the remainder of that lap and has completed their battle.

Type of penalties

Drifting is still a subjective competition and the judges at an event are the final authority. Their decision is therefore final. so avoid the following:

• Hitting the wall
• Spin out
• Not hitting the clipping points
• Straight line driving "touring style"
• Unnecessary collision with other cars
• Illegal overtaking of chase cars
• Constant movement of steering while drifting

We wish you good luck and enjoy your hobby.
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Rules and Guidelines for Extreme Hobbies RC Drift Competitions :: Comments

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Rules and Guidelines for Extreme Hobbies RC Drift Competitions

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