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 Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?

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Sport tuned or silver can for mini's at Meydan
Silver can....... I like it how it is.
 10% [ 1 ]
Sport tuned....... bring it on, lets start next week!
 70% [ 7 ]
Sport tuned, but I don't have one yet! Give me a couple weeks first.
 20% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 10


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PostSilver can or sport tuned for meydan?

Just so everyone can have a say before any decision gets made.... have your say here.
I know a lot of us have sport tuned already, but not sure if we all do?
Does hobby home still have any? I think RC Mart is out.....
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Silver can or sport tuned for meydan? :: Comments

Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:28 am by LaNcE
Voted for the black can..

The silver can was ok but I think we can up the game just a little bit.

FYI, there are available Sports Tuned Motors in T&U. Have the whole week to pass by and grab atleast one. very happy
Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:49 am by cathurga
I am all for the Black Can, but since there is only one week left of the SSS, we are going to complete the competition with the Silvercan. SSS rules have precedence over any votes smile

For the Enduro though, I think the Black Can is the way to go.....

At a later stage, we can all move to the 13T Hobbywing motors, thats when it gets really
Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:24 pm by J.Drift
i think we have to finish this series first then make another series using ST motor very happy

Or to make it more exciting 13T BL 2thumbsup
Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:27 am by gerg
Has anyone spent much time using the 13T on a mini?

I've been using mine in the touring car and it seems to get real hot, even after just few minutes of racing. I have not got a fan on it, but I kept going to smaller pinion to try and let it run cooler but now it just hits top speed real quick and still gets real hot.

So I'm wondering if this motor is going to be a good match for us in mini class. It's pretty hard work for a motor in a mini.

On Sat I had black can in F1, and it hardly got warm, so I'm planning to put the 13T in it for this weekend and see how it goes. The 13T was packaged with the F1 so I'm thinking this might be where it will be best used.

The 13T is really a 380 size motor with cooling fins (making it look like 540 size), so maybe a proper 540 size can would be better for mini class in our climate. That is if we are going BL

Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:07 am by Jay
I guess i could get a sport tuned for the enduro just because its the finals for the series.. but would still prefer silvercans for regular mini-mayhems to keep it simple and save my kit from total annihilation lol

There's always the GTmayhem to fill up your need for speed twisted evil
Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:08 am by cathurga
I have tried the 13T on a mini and it went like a bat outta much so that I thought it was Area 2 anyway I put it in the development mini, which is now in the hands of young Eathan (I regret selling that car, even more so because he keeps beating me with it LOL) I didn't really give it a full thrashing to see how hot it gets, but never really notice any extremes.

I didnt really motice how hot the 13T was in my touring car but it wasnt anything too bad I dont think.....I was more concerned about the ESC thermalling out. Bearing in mind that the heatsink on the tourer is a HUGE thing, and made out of very thick allow so I think it takes away a lot of the heat. It had a fan on it previously whcih helped too. I had the 9T in tourer a while back and on std gearing, it got pretty hot and so did the ESC, if I ran it without the fan on the ESC it would cut out after about 3 mins.

I am not sure what overall ratio you are running on your tourer, but it seemed to be about the same speed as mine, and the Meydan track (without the long straights) is a fairly tech track and it should be geared down a mentioned, I have also put a spool on the front to haul it through the corners.

I am keen to see how the mini's go on this track....who knows, we may even start seeing some traction rolling, and with the 13T, you will defo see that...or at least some mini drifting...
Re: Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?
Post on Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:13 am by sideslider
For those who were looking for ST motors, toys and us is selling for around 75 a me three new ones already, now i just need to break in.......

Silver can or sport tuned for meydan?

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